Migration : usvip1.noc84.com -

  • Sunday, 1st August, 2021
  • 01:08am


Thank you for choosing Hostpoco.com for your hosting services.

We are always looking for ways in which we can improve the service we provide to you. Our proactive monitoring system detected resource/storage stability issues on the existing server to avoid any further performance degradation issues, we will be moving your account, over to a new cloud server platform, which will enhance the reliability, performance, high availability & scalability.

The migration process itself involves minimal downtime. Your websites, emails, databases, and other account components should remain online and accessible at all times. We are confident that the new server will only serve to enhance the performance of your website.

For your records, the new IP address of the server will be the new server IP. Also yes nameservers and their IPs will get changed and needs to be changed/updated at the registrar end which will help you to resolve your site from the new server IP also you are free to revert back to us in case you have more queries.

Migration Window: Migration will be done within working hours on date 02nd Aug 2021 to 05th Aug 2020.


a) You’re receiving this email because according to our records, your websites are hosted on the server specified above. In case your account(s) on this server is/are no longer used, please disregard this email.

b) You will get new server IP and all others required by email once we did with the migration.

Thanking you.



Migration Team


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