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Here are the few points which delaying your Free Hosting Service Activation:

We do not offer instant activation with Free Hosting plans and it can be delivered on the below verified points-

Order Details:

  • Use of unreal/invalid personal information at the time of placing order with us
  • Use of fake email id/fake login details for the free hosting order
  • Fake country details, fake email id, faulty FQDN domain name
  • Single free hosting service is allowed for each user

Domain Type:

  • Free Hosting service is mainly designed for Beginners and not for the experts
  • Do not support for DMCA ignored hosting
  • Do not support for Gaming domain name
  • Do not support for bulk mailing/spamming
  • Not supported for bot sites

Pending Mandatory Review:

It is true that HostPoco demands for Mandatory review against free hosting service. Its the HostPoco who pay for the server expenses and cPanel license fees on behalf of clients and hence we suppose to take something from client. Review helps to reach at new clients and hence it is mandatory. Clients can also raise ticket in case they need to try service first and we can allow/offer them 10 days trial of free hosting.

  • Make sure to find review related emails under spambox/mailbox of the registered email id 
  • Submit review on the given url's and make sure to share them on Facebook handle
  • Email your review screenshot on review (at) hostpoco (dot) com
  • Allow minimum 12/24 hours for the review team to verify your review and activation 
  • Rating should be proper and can be edited later in case client do not like our service.

HostPooco reserves the all rights for Free Hosting and can make changes in the future in case found huge demand for this plan.

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